ASBO Nation

Play Synopsis

“That’s life Ryan, and life’s shite.”

ASBO Nation portrays the lives of The Prices, a family of foul mouthed, jobless idlers, who fill their vacant days with fags, fakes and felony. To them, an ASBO is a status symbol. But Ryan wants something more, something outside of the estate… something beyond the antisocial behaviour, the lies and the scum.

ASBO Nation takes a look inside The Price’s family life on the estate; “You live on this estate, you die on this estate.  Nothing ever changes”.  When Ryan’s final hope for escape is taken away from him, how far will he go to prevent his nephew from suffering the same fate?

Click below to download a sample of the script and please contact me if you are interested in performing the play.

ASBO Nation – First 10 Pages