Doing A Sylvia

Play Synopsis

Ever thought about putting your head in the oven?

Doing a Sylvia (also billed as Three Branches) tells the tale of The Woman, as she progresses through her twenties and into her thirties. This is her desperate quest for happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction without compromise or sacrifice. But which path will she choose? Will she follow her maternal instincts and go for the nice guy Electrician? Will she massage her ego with the intelligent but arrogant Academic? Will she fall for the charismatic Musician? Or will it all end in oven-side suicide?

Doing a Sylvia is a touching comic tale which depicts the ever challenging human condition – can you ever truly have it all?

Click below to download a sample of the script and please contact me if you are interested in performing the play.

Doing a Sylvia – First 10 Pages